Relieving Hip Pain With A Hip Replacement

You don’t have to live with the pain. A hip replacement can alleviate the joint pain and return you to a full and active lifestyle. A hip replacement takes about an hour and a half and uses a ball with a stem to replace the top of the thighbone, and a new cup replaces the worn socket.

What to Expect When You Have a Torn ACL

Injuries to the ACL are very common, especially among athletes. Injury often occurs when the knee is forced beyond its normal range motion- deep twisting motion or changing direction rapidly when you are cutting or pivoting in a sport.

What to Expect if You Have a Broken Ankle

A broken ankle is one of the most common injuries that an orthopedic surgeon or podiatrist will see. Twisting or rolling the ankle, trauma from an accident or landing forcefully on the ankle or even a heavy object falling on the ankle can cause an ankle fracture.  Although ankle fractures can affect people of all ages, they most commonly happen as people age and the bones weaken or become more brittle.

Choosing Shoes to Keep Your Feet Healthy

You walk on your feet every day and they support the weight of your body. Repeated stress on your feet can cause damage over time, but the right shoes can help protect your feet. The wrong shoes can cause more foot problems. A good shoe has features that provide comfort and support. It must also be the right size and shape for your feet.

First Aid For Your Injury At Home

RICE is a simple self-care technique that helps reduce swelling and ease pain from minor injuries. It is commonly used as a first-aid treatment for soft tissue or sports injuries like a sprained ankle or wrist, swollen knee, or muscle strains.        

Treating Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are common. In fact, they account for up to 25% of sports injuries. You don’t need to be an athlete, however, to sprain an ankle. It can happen just participating in everyday activities or even wearing the wrong shoes. A simple roll of the ankle in a heeled shoe or walking on uneven ground can be enough to sprain an ankle.

Knee Replacement – Getting A New Knee

Did you know that there are close to a million knee replacements done in the US every year? A knee replacement has become a common procedure and it almost always reduces joint pain and improves the quality of life. In fact, most people who undergo a knee replacement are happy with their new knee and many wish they had done it sooner.

Signs You May Have A Broken Collarbone

Collarbone fractures commonly happen due to sports injuries or falling on an outstretched arm. Get help right away if you suspect a fractured collarbone. Without an evaluation or treatment, the injury may lead to chronic pain or even shoulder problems.

The Benefits of Travel

Jess Meyer, PA-C saved his vacation time and took a month off to travel around Europe and the Eastern European countries with his family. He shares his adventures and ultimately the lessons learned this feature article.

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